Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Guest Post on Steals Deals: Gifting on a Beggar's Budget

Today Steals and Deals posted an article I wrote, Gifting on a Beggar's Budget. I figured I'd post my gift giving ideas here for my readers, as I know many of you are in the same boat as me. Go on and visit Steals and Deals for some fabulous buys.

Here's my Guest Post:

Give a date night. I’m giving this gift to a few people this year. If you’re familiar with, this site offers $25 certificates at participating restaurants for only $10. At least once per month, they run promotions of seventy, eighty, even ninety percent off of their discount prices. Weeks ago, I snagged a few $25 certificates for only $1! Actually, it came to less than $1 each because I went through, a site that offers cash back when you shop through their site. Along with the restaurant certificates, I’m buying movie tickets at a discounted rate thanks to the coupons in my entertainment book. This gift fits almost any adult. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a night out which includes great food and entertainment?

Books make great gifts. I love giving books. No matter where a person’s interests lie, you’ll find a book to suit him or her. Many retailers like Borders and Barnes and Noble offer high-value coupons this time of year. I’ve seen quite a few 30% off and 40% off coupons recently. Magazine subscriptions are also a fine idea.

Don’t fake it, make it. Get your baking gloves on and bake cookies from scratch. Or if you’re crafty, pick up a few inexpensive supplies and give a handmade gift. Make your own “coupons” for your babysitting services or offer to clean a person’s house or teach them about something you’re an expert on. Use your own special talents and give something from the heart.

Pay-it-Forward listings on Etsy. I love the Etsy community. There is an array of the most creative hand-made goods you’ve never seen. And if you haven’t noticed, many etsians offer pay-it-forward listings, where fabulous items are offered for only $0.20. All you have to do is pay-it-forward, whether it be offering a great deal to someone yourself, or doing a good deed in some other way. If you take advantage of one of these deals, please make sure to leave positive feedback for the seller. Think of it as a thank you note for the gift they’ve given you.

Look to the blogosphere. There are a ton of giveaway bloggers out there doling out great prizes, including yours truly. Whether valued at $5.00 or $500.00, it’s free if you win. Give your prizes as gifts, and all it took was a little time on your part. The key to winning: Enter as many different giveaways as you can and get in as many entries as you can.

You’ll also find a myriad of bloggers who specialize in writing about bargains, like Steals Deals. From freebies to high-value coupons, these bloggers do all of legwork for you.

There are so many ways to stretch your dollar over the holidays. You don’t have to spend much if you put some thought into your gifts. Give something meaningful by asking questions about the person you’re buying (or making) the gift for. For example, does the person...have a favorite hobby? / root for a certain sports team? / like to travel? / enjoy a specific food?

I hope I’ve given you some good ideas for gifts that make the recipient happy and the giver (that’s you) a fatter wallet. Whatever you celebrate this season, I hope you enjoy it in good health, peace and happiness!


  1. You're FAMOUS-- you rock star!

    Congrats on being a guest blogger!

  2. Love that! I'll have to check out pay it forward on Etsy! I didn't know sellers on there did that!



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