Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Subtitute - LOST Recap


The Substitute was a little disappointing for me.  After last week's episode, I thought we would have more answers.  Now I'm feeling like last week's show wasn't so bad after all.  Unfortunately, we didn't see any of the goings on at The Temple or the exchange between Jin and Crazy Claire.  The producers really left us hanging.  We did learn a few key details though, and I'm thinking there is going to be an explosion of information sometime soon.  There had better be.

We open with a look at Locke's life in the alternate reality, but it tells us something about what took place pre-plane crash.  Locke lied and said he was going to a business conference when he tried to go on a walk-about.  But he told everyone on the plane that he did go.  

I totally forgot that Locke had a lady, which makes me wonder why he never wanted to get off the island.  I mean, I realize he was no longer paralyzed on the island, but he was engaged to be married to Peg Bundy (hehe).  Seriously though she was so sweet and the moment between them was very touching, where she made clear that she loved Locke the same whether paralyzed forever or not.  Did anyone else catch her shirt?  It read, "Peace and Karma".

Smoke-monster Locke is recruiting Sawyer to do some dirty deeds I'm sure.  I like how Sawyer immediately recognized the difference in the real Locke and smoke-monster Locke.

This hot shot Hugo who happens to own everything is getting super cheesy.  Enough already, he's rich and confident.  We get it.

I'm not sure what to make of little Jacob .  He was alive all these years, then he's dead, now he's a kid again.  What?  Smoke Monster locke and Sawyer saw him, but the handsome Richard Alpert could not.  When Alpert ran into Sawyer, he tried to get him back to the Temple.  But why was Alpert hanging around there?  He seemed so terrified - why didn't he already make his way to the Temple?

We did learn that Jacob chose a few potential leaders of the island, and it is not all of the people he touched.  Only Jack, Sawyer, Jin and/or Sun, Locke and Sayid.  I assume Sayid is out because the Temple people want to poison him, Sawyer might be out now that he seems to be teaming up with smoke-monster Locke and the real Locke is dead.  So that leaves Jack and either Jin or Sun.  My money's on Jack.

I don't understand why Ben lied and told Ilana that smoke-monster Locke killed Jacob and then admitted publicly to killing the original Locke.

I'm not going to ramble on anymore, because I don't feel like I have much material to go over.  Here's to hoping that next week we start to get more answers.

Favorite quotes from The Substitute:
"John Locke was a believer;  He was a man of faith; He was a much better man than I will ever be and I'm very sorry I murdered him." -Ben Linus


  1. I'm wondering why Kate wasn't on the wall. Do you think maybe because her purpose in all of this is to protect Aaron? Aaron IS a Shepard!

  2. It's a man's world - lol.

    That's an interesting point - maybe it's Aaron and not Jack. That would be something.

  3. I think Richard was meant to protect Ben (he didn't do a great job) so I think Kate is the next person to protect. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

  4. In the Island plane crash timelime, when John Locke was truly himself, he and Helen had broken up because he was so obsessed over his father stealing his kidney.

    Lost makes you type the strangest sentences sometimes, doesn't it? :)

  5. I am sp happy that Lost is back. Kind of sad that it is the last season. I am enjoying Flash Foward which has some of the Lost actors.

    I have a award for you on my blog.



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