Monday, March 15, 2010

"Dr. Linus" - LOST Recap

So I know I'm roughly six days late with my recap, but for me to completely skip over one episode like it never happened would be, well, sort of like an episode of LOST.  By now, you've all probably seen "Dr. Linus" (if you watch), so I don't think I need to include the standard "spoilers ahead" warning, but just in case: Don't continue reading if you haven't seen the most recent LOST episode.

In the cave that Smoke showed Sawyer, only the name "Kwan" was written on the wall, and many of us wondered who was indicated by this, Sun or Jin. Ilana isn't sure either, we now know.

Ben's Redemption
I think we've all picked up on the fact that Ilana knew it was not possible for Smoke to kill Jacob.  And Miles proved it, by "reading" the remains of Jacob.  Ben was officially busted and had one foot in the grave.  Literally. 

The most touching scene for me was when Ben escaped into the jungle and 'splained himself to Ilana. She asked why he wanted to join forces with Smoke, and he told her, "Because nobody else will have me." Then three powerful words were spoken, "I'll have you". Forgiveness is a wonderful thing.

On the island the first time, Ben chose power over the life of his own daughter, but in the alternate timeline, he protected her, even sacrificing the promotion of a lifetime. He's such a great man, and Dear Dad is alive and not-so-well, but Ben is caring for him.

The redemption of Ben is complete. As long as he doesn't pull any more funny business.

Jack, a Man of Faith?
In comes my third main man (after Jack and Sawyer), Richard.  He's disappointed with Jacob, almost in the same "what about me" flavor we previously heard from Ben and he decides to have Jack put him out of his misery, because he can't die from self inflicted wounds for some reason.  Jacob's touch did that for him, but it must be a different kind of touch than the others have received, with this apparent almost immortality.

It's funny how Jack, previously a man of science, has become a man of faith ever since he realized how important he was to Jacob.  He agreed to light the dynamite and stayed with Richard, to prove that neither of them could be successful at suicide.  Jack's almost like a kid seeking approval from the father he never had.  Interesting.  And it was neat to see the Black Rock again.

A Bittersweet Ending
Ah, the sappy piano music and happy reunions on the beach.  It gets me every time.  And then, he's baaack.  Widmore is up to no good, spying on the LOSTies via submarine.  I hated the creepy music right after the sappy piano.  Gives me the heebie jeebies.

I'm so excited for tomorrow to come, and I'll try not to wait 6 days for the recap.  :)

Best quote of the night 
"Wanna try another stick?" -Jack

Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.  If you've blogged, leave the link so I can visit.

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