Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Sundown" - LOST Thoughts

I don't even know where to start.   Sayid has been one of my favorite characters of the show.  In the alternate timeline, his love Nadia is married to his brother.  Apparently at the urging of Sayid himself.  What the hay, might as well keep it in the family, eh?  They still seem to have the same connection, though.  But in the ATL they still can't be together, just for different reasons. 

We saw more path-crossing in the ATL, with Keamy and Jin.  Guess Sayid's brother wasn't the only one who owed those loan sharks money.
Ironic that Sayid was drowned in the temple by Dogen the same way that Sayid was.  After their exchange, I thought Sayid was going to surprise us.  He fell for it, and has proven he will take any and every chance to see Nadia again.  Dogen was the key, for some reason he was what was keeping smokey out, other than the ash.

I really thought that Sayid was going to stick with him for a second, after Dogen poured his heart out regarding his dead son.  It seems both Jacob and Smokey are making promises of resurrection to get folks to take sides.

  • The look on Claire's face after Kate told her about Aaron scared the bleep out of me.
  • Does Claire realize now that her son was never in the temple?  That was the whole reason she went over there, wasn't it?  Did she forget so soon that her "friend" told her he was there?
  • Where is gimpy Jin?  Is he still sitting in Claire's humble abode with the "baby"?
  • Are we to assume that Ben, Ilana et al were killed in one fell swoop?  Or did they make it out?
  • What's going to happen to Kate? 
  • Dogen said, "You let him talk." If Sayid had stabbed Smokey before he uttered a word, would it have worked?
  • I'm having a moment of sadness.  The reality of the show actually ending.  Ugh.  
  • I had some other brilliant thoughts as I was drifting into a deep sleep last night but alas, I can't remember.  Why are we always more brilliant in our last few minutes of wakefullness?
Best quote of the night:

"She just strolled in here, acting all weird. Still hot though." -Miles

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  1. I'm a big Sayid fan, not sure I like him going to the "other" side?

    Guess we'll have to wait til next week to see what happens!

  2. I'm not very happy about his turn either. I always though Sayid and Sawyer were the least gullible and it seems as though they are both wiling to sell their soul. I'm pretty sure alternative land where Nadia is married to his brother is not what Sayid had in mind. Are they beyond redemption? Are they still candidates?

  3. There was more path crossing- Jack walked down the hall of the hospital.
    I don't want Sayid to be evil! Though we still don't know that he is... we as views still aren't clear on which side is which.

  4. Sayid has always struggled with the good/evil side of himself, so I am not surprised he fell under the spell of Smokey. Plus, he/it made him a very tempting offer about Nadia. But as we know, dead is dead so how can Smokey bring Nadia back from the dead? Claire has obviously gone to the other side but what about Kate? Is she a Smikey minion now too? And don't forget that Sawyer now is also a Smokey minion so that will bring up the Kate/Sawyer issue, AGAIN. I am so sick of wishy-washy Kate. And what abou Jacob? He said to smokey, "If you kill me, I'll only become stronger." So we still have him to look forward to. For the record, I LOVE Jacob's character. I think that actor is just awesome.



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