Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's so bad about a little scratch, anyway?

Life is good, with claws!

When we adopted our cats, Winston and Spencer, I really worried about my leather furniture.  Looking back now, I don't see what the big deal was.  Especially when you know the facts about declawing animals.  It's inhumane, and I value living things over inanimate ones.  After all, I don't cut Emma's fingers off when she breaks or damages something.  The thought popped into my head today when I was tidying up the family room and noticed that my leather ottoman has seen better days.

All my life I was never a "cat person".  I love dogs, and my parents exposed me to three four-legged members of the family, and they all had their different unique and loving personalities.
There was Champion, a siberian husky.  He passed away from old age when I was five.  Word has it he used to bring home girlfriends from the neighborhood almost daily.

Then we had Nugget.  This is a really cute picture that was taken on the day we got her (don't laugh-this was the early 80's and I was super excited about our new pup).  She was put down right before final exams in high school, after she her cancer became too much for her to bear.
The first semester in college, my parents adopted Lucky.  A fitting name, because you could see his rib bones, he was so emaciated.  He went on to live the life of a King, and even traveled with them to Florida for several years.  He passed away last year.  I love the photo of him with my Dad on my wedding day.

A few months later, they adopted Hannah.  I don't have a photo handy.  Notice the pattern?  My parents were never without a dog.  I think they feel incomplete without one.

When my husband and I felt incomplete, but not incomplete enough to have kids yet, we adopted Winston and Spencer.  We had debated over it for awhile because I wanted a dog, but I eventually caved in to getting a cat because I wasn't so comfortable with leaving a dog home home alone all day either.  But I needed to have a pet again, and Wincie and Spencie were a package deal.  They're brothers.

They are the coolest cats.  Well Winston is more cool...
...and Spencer is needy but lovey. 
Winston will play fetch - he's the most dog-like cat I've ever met.  Spencer likes to knock things off of counters and ledges and then just stare at it and move on to the next thing.  Most recently my favorite moisturizer in a glass bottle.  He's a pain in the butt, but I still love him.

I think we might decide to get a dog at some point, but for now I'm enjoying the freedom of not having to do the obligatory walks and pay extra attention to a dog.  It's nice to be able to leave for a weekend trip and know that they'll be okay.  

But I still feel guilty leaving them.  And I think those scratches on my leather ottoman add character.


  1. The pics of your family dogs are too cute! We always had dogs in our family too. My Buddie is a real pita, but Rayna is crazy about him & you know he's just part if the family now.
    I didn't know that declawing cats was inhumane, but I also know nothing about cats. I'm allergic & actually very afraid of cats lol I can't believe I've never seen or suffered from yours ;)

  2. Love all the dog pics!! I grew up with a dog family as well. We got our first cat last year and I learned all about declawing and was HORRIFIED. I also was amazed at what fun personalities cats could have. Edward was the sweetest animal! We had to give him away when I was preggers since the hubby didn't like cleaning the litter box. =(
    Your cats are gorgeous!!

  3. Great post-- the pictures are so cute!

  4. When I was young, my parents declawed our cat. I remember crying and crying and being hysterical over it. And our cat was never the same. NEVER. I would never consider it.

    I love the pet history post! Great idea.

    I love Spencers idea of fun. Knock it off, look at it, on to the next. Funny!!

  5. Fantastic post! I love all the pics:) I am a new follower from Friday Follow and hope you come stop by!

  6. Following you from Friday Follow!!!

    Come see my frugal/money saving blog! Sign up for daily e-mails with my feedburner right above the follow box!!

    I will add that we declawed our cat. I didn't want to but I have a very skiddish cat. She only likes my family and is scared of anyone else. When we bought new furniture my hubby said i declaw or we get rid of her. So I made the decision to declaw her. She is perfectly fine and is sweet as ever. No part of me wanted to do that... I too think that it is wrong... but it was a decision our family made and it has worked out for us.

  7. My dad wanted to declaw my cat, but she's an outdoor/indoor cat and I tried explaining that decalwing her is wrong and not the smartest thing to do with an outdoor cat. I thought she's scratch up EVERYTHING but she actually hasn't. She's curious and she likes jumping on everything but she hasn't damaged anything yet and we've had her for 6 years.

    My dog LOVES her. Every time she comes home with battle cuts from fights with the other cats, my dog won't let ANYONE near her and he licks up her cuts. It's the cutest thing ever.

    Over all though, I think I'm more of a dog person!

  8. Love the pics! Great story! We have had a cat, Zoey since we got married. The kids love him, but he tends to hide from them most of the time. He's getting a bit older and doesn't really like to be bothered. Our little 2 year old dog on the other hand couldn't get enough attention ever. She LOVES it!



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