Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Everybody Loves Hugo" #Lost Thoughts

If you are not up to speed with the latest LOST episode,
please skip this post!

"Everybody Loves Hugo," was a speech honoring Hugo Reyes, the do-gooder.  Given by none other than...Dr. Chang?  Okaaay.

How funny was it to see the slide showing the view of the pyramids from a Mr. Clucks window.  Did anyone else get a kick out of that?

Libby remembers her relationship with Hugo after seeing his restaurant's commercial and then by chance runs into him at another restaurant.  I have to admit I was never a real huge fan of her character, but I was pulling for Libby this episode, and finally Hurley ends up remembering too.  Yay for Hurley.  That would never happen on island time, but he gets the girl in the ATL, or whatever on earth it really is. Also, I liked that Hurley made peace with Michael, even offering to help the man that killed his lady.  There simply aren't enough Hurley's in the world, I tell ya.

It seems like Desmond is remembering a lot more than everyone else now.  He's orchestrating all of these meetups, and remembers Flocke.  But just as Sayid tried to off young Ben, I don't think Des will succeed in killing Locke by running him down with his beamer. Did NOT see that comin'.  It sure did look like Locke was "remembering", though didn't it?

It's the end of the road for Ilana, dog.  I really liked her character.  Her last major scene with Ben was fantastic, and I was interesting in learning her whole back story.  I'm guessing this won't happen anymore, but who knows with this being the most crazy (and awesome) show ever.

  • Does Jacob's touch still apply in the ATL, even though the island is "gone"?  I guess we'll get closer to finding the answer when we discover whether Locke survives.
  • In the same way, Desmond must be unable to be killed as well since we see him sitting at the bottom of the well next week.
  • Wait a minute.  Is Desmond a candidate now that he's back on the island?  That would make sense for Widmore to bring him back then, and he's somewhat invincible (?), and he SAW jacob, who seems to be aging, right?
  • Did Flock want Desmond to be afraid?
  • Still no reunion for Jin and Sun.  Are they saving that for last?
  • The whispers are the people that are trapped on the island, like Michael.  They can't move on.
  • Hugo has no history in the alternate timeline of ever being in a mental hospital. 
  • Don't be so cavalier with your dynamite!
Best quotes of the night, a la Hurley: 

"Dead people are more reliable than the alive people." - Hurley to Miles

"It takes a lot of guts to go up to a total stranger and tell them you know them from some bizarro alternate universe." - Hurley to Libby

What do YOU think?  Please leave a comment!


  1. My theory is that Desmond is not a candidate, but that he is the key to righting the "wrong" of the Losties detonating the bomb. He clearly has some ability to withstand the electromagnetism that is so strong on the island, and he is the only person on the island who has had an experience of the alternate "in LA" reality. Therefore he is actually probably more important than any of the candidates.

    Just my thoughts though...who knows?

  2. I love reading these recaps. I honestly do not have any idea what is going on other than it really all is leading to LOVE being a central part of the story. Read an article on E! about it and that is the only thing coming together for me. Still no idea where this is all going lol :)

  3. Bummer. I kept dozing off on the couch and then being awakened by a screaming baby. It seems I missed most of the important details of last nights show. For example...Did Desmond...well?

    Screaming baby at dr. now. Maybe I can watch it tonight. Thank goodness for doctors and DVR.
    Enjoyed the recap.



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