Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Happily Ever After" (Lost Thoughts)

*Spoilers ahead: If you have not yet seen "Happily Ever After", skip this post.*

This episode was almost a little too much to wrap my head around.  What I've been calling the alternate timeline, doesn't seem to be an entirely different reality after all.  I mean we have seen hints at scars on our Losties from the island experience, but the new reality seems to be more concurrent than alternate. In fact, for the first time, it seems that the ATL isn't so "Happily Ever After" as I had thought. 

On the island, after Desmond endures the electromagnetic machine, he seems to be transported to the ATL.

When Oceanic Flight 815 lands in L.A., Desmond is leading a life with "no attachments", as Widmore explains.  BTW when Desmond's driver mentioned the boss, I knew it was going to be Widmore! It was nice to see the two men getting along though.  But when Charlie and DriveShaft were mentioned, I suspected that Widmore was still aware of the island situation.

We now know that Charlie was not trying to commit suicide on the flight.  He was hoping to evade authorities when he swallowed the bags of heroine.  He almost died, and he saw "the light", which also can be referred to as Claire.  When the others "saved him", he was pulled away from this happy place and back to his crummy reality.

So as Des attempts to make Charlie keep his commitment to perform at the Widmore party, Charlie steers their vehicle into the bay, and Desmond has a similar experience.  Though he is conscious when he remembers that the two of them interacted before.  How cool was that to see Charlie make the same motion with his hand against a window and to see the "Not Penny's Boat" flashback?  But Des saw more during the MRI, fully-conscious.

Widmore and Eloise (it was so cool to see her again) seem to be trying to steer our losties away from their past realities.  Daniel is a musician in the ATL (fantastic to be seeing him again), not a math whiz.  Desmond, single and not with Penny.  I admit, I want them to make these connections in the ATL and be with their long lost loves, but I can't help but see that the separation is probably for their own good.  I'm seeing Widmore in a new light.  He's sacrificed so much for his family, and now Des seems to be cursed with the same fate.  Time will tell.

Add Daniel and his quantam physics equation to the mix.  He's also been clued in that something is up, and he helps Des track down Penny.  This gave me Déjà vu.  Haven't we seen this scene of Penny running in the stadium before? 

But hold up, this limo driver, he creeps me out.  I knew I had seen him before, but I had to google it and discovered he was with the freighter group from last season.  Anyway, Des convinced Penny to meet him out for coffee.  Does anyone else think that this won't happen? Mostly because Penny is now doing "Flash-Forward".  

Back on the island, after all of Desmond's ATL experiences, he's convinced.  He agrees to assist Widmore, and he seems to be aware of the ATL while still on island time. 

Questions. I have so many, I don't know where to start!  Here are the main ones:
  • Was Eloise always Widmore's wife?  I'm thinking no, since all of the kids and half-kids look the same, and I'd think we'd still be following rules of biology and the gene pool, but who knows with Lost?
  • If I'm right about the statement above, who is Penny's mother? 
  • IF, the Widmore's are trying to keep everyone apart, why did they connect Des with Charlie?  Seems like there's a hole in their plan, maybe?  Or do they know what's happening, concurrently on island time and that it will convince Des to assist?
  • What major catastrophic event is Widmore referring to, that Desmond endured?
  • Why does Des agree to go with Sayid, after helping the other others?  Is this part of Widmore's plan?
  • Do they really have a "Panic Button" during an MRI?  I don't remember that - ha ha!
Best quote of the night:
"Then why are you accosting a man in a dressing gown?" -Charlie

If you have an opinion, thought, or if you blogged LOST, let me know.  Leave a comment!


  1. About Penny running on the stadium stairs. It was actually Jack and Desmond who first met there years ago before Desmond left for his sailing trip (and then ended up on the island).

    Penny is indeed Daniel's half sister (different mother, though we haven't been told who that is). Daniel says so when he tells Desmond (in ALT) he knows who Penny is and where to find her.

    The drive creeps me out too! HAHA, he's always creepy in the roles he plays!

    Both Charlie AND Penny are in Flash Forward, wonder who else will show up on that show too. I can't remember their names there though, they will always be Penny and Charlie to me :-)

    The catastrophic event Widmore is referring to is when the station Desmond was manning blew up...but Desmond survived. The explosion that released the magnetic energy that made the plane crash in the first place.

    I don't remember a Panic Button either :P

  2. Was Eloise always Widmore's wife? No, they were never married except in the sideways flash.

    Who is Penny's mother? Never been told.

    IF, the Widmore's are trying to keep everyone apart, why did they connect Des with Charlie? I think that Eleanor and Charles are the architects (like the Matrix) and know what is going on. They know that once Des gets a glimpse he'll go to hell and back trying to find his constant. This is probably crucial in setting things right. They need him to know about both sides.

    What major catastrophic event is Widmore referring to, that Desmond endured?
    When the hatch station blew up the first time.

    Why does Des agree to go with Sayid, after helping the other others? Is this part of Widmore's plan? This I'm not sure, I'm sure he is doing it for a reason or I think he would have fought Sayid, he's feisty.

    Just my thoughts...
    This episode was Happily Ever After, well on it's way. Charlie glimpsing Claire, Des and Penny, and Daniel glimpsing Charlotte.

  3. Oops. I called Eloise Eleanor, excuse my Mommy brain moment...

  4. @Eileen - I totally compared last night's episode to a glitch in The Matrix :-) Desmond is Neo! HAHAHA

  5. Good question about why Widmore and Eloise allow Charlie and Des to "reunite". I don't know the answer, but it is a good question.
    What is the relationship, if any, between Widmore and Jacob? He knows about FLocke, so he is in cahoots with Jacob, or are he and his people a third, seperate group?

  6. Another fine question, Heather. I think Jacob and he are working together.

    Esp. after the "Lighthouse" ep, where Jacob tells Hurley that there were people coming to the island.

  7. Well you already visited my recap:

    But yes, previous commenters mentioned that it was Desmond and Jack who were doing the tour de stade before, and then Desmond sees Penny in the parking lot and tells her that he's leaving to compete in Widmore's yacht race...that has always bothered me, why would Des leave Penny for some dumb race of her father's? But if somehow Des already was aware that he had to go to the island in that timeline, then it would make sense. Sounds crazy I know, but I think we have to do some re-watching of prior Desmond eps!

  8. You know, I have never seen even one episode of LOST. I should be ashamed! I need to start Netflixing them I guess.



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