Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Am I a bad mother for feeding this to my child?

cookies According to Jaimie Oliver, this type of food is killing the children of America.  There are so many products on store shelves that contain Trans Fats, in cookies and chips, oh my.  Normally, I read the ingredient label thoroughly, but I’m human.  Sometimes I miss it.

This junky oil is cheaper than butter, which is why it’s so appealing for food manufacturers.  It’s all about the bottom line.  Well, if we’re not around to buy it, how can that be good for business?

And don’t be fooled by labels.  Manufacturer’s are allowed to “round down” when there is 0.5 grams trans fat per serving as per the FDA guidelines for the "zero trans fat" designation.  Now that consumer’s are hip to the Trans Fat phenomenon, manufacturers are apparently busy making up new names to try and hide this information, like Mono- and Di-Glycerides.  Even the Girl Scouts are prepared to make you fat and unhealthy, yet their label states Zero grams of Trans Fat.

Feeling like a fool?  So am I.  But when you can’t trust food labels, what can you do?  You have to scan the ingredient listing (not just the nutrition label) for terms like partially hydrogenated fats/oils or shortening.  For now, I think that’s the best you can do.

I think “everything in moderation” is a good mantra to live by.  It’s impossible to have complete control considering that you can’t know every last ingredient that restaurants use in their meals, but it still makes me angry.  How do you feel?


  1. I agree with you. All things in moderation. But I did not know they could get away by calling it something else! That's just so wrong.

  2. No it's not a bad thing as long as it's occasional.
    We need treats too!

  3. It makes me angry too! There is nothing wrong with this, cookies and chips are fine as long as they also have a well balanced meal. We are suppose to eat everything in moderation, and giving your child a few chips or cookies is fine. I understand all the fats and calories and I also think that it isn't healthy to keep the goodies from your children completely, cause our bodies need and crave a varity of foods and children burn a lot of calories, so I don't see how it would hurt? Don't worry, I am SURE that most parents give their children some cookies :) One last thought....Why is it, that they tell children to leave cookies and milk for Santa...if it is bad for you?

  4. i don't know...i say, don't start feeding it to them when they're little and they won't want it as they grow up. my sister-in-law never gave the kids pop when they were young. to this day neither girl drinks it regularly. when kids are little you have the chance to feed then right and get them to love good food instead of junk. take advantage of it.

  5. I think we all do the best we can. I mostly agree with everything in moderation... I try very hard not to give my kids stuff like this but it happens. :)

  6. I think it is fine to give your kids certain foods in moderation. I do what I can to provide them with good balanced meals so that when they eat a little junk I don't have to worry. They are your children so I say do what you think is best for them.

  7. I think the key is moderation. At my house is a rule: eat good stuff first. But I don't think that is what Jamie Oliver when he said this type of food is killing the children of America. Because if you watched his show you would see that the kids got processed meat many times things like heat and eat pizza, hamburgers, chicken fingers and fries. See the government counts ketchup as a vegetable.

    I know a few families that has a cook work for them. Their local MC Donalds. They get lunch and dinner from th drive threw more than they cook at home.

  8. I'm with you! Everything in moderation!!! I love the moms who feed their kids broccoli at the park. Give 'em a granola bar or animal cracker for heaven's sakes!

  9. I think you can eat pretty much whatever you want in moderation. And I think for kids that making something "forbidden" will make them want it even more

  10. I also teach my children... most things are fine in moderation. It helps them learn this skill as they grow into adulthood.

  11. completely agree with hearttohearts-- when you keep something forbidden, then when they do have the chance to have it,say at a friends house, they may overindulge. I say moderation is key.

    Once in a while is not going to hurt anyone.

  12. I got hip to this scam real quick when I bought a bag of celery that had Cholesterol Free on the front. Of course it's Cholesterol Free - it's a bag of plain celery. That's when I started to read the ingredient list on the back or side of the package. The thing that really burns my cookies is when a company reformulates something like bread to contain HFCS when the old formula didn't.

    PS: If you have a Trader Joe's their Trader Jo Jo's are like Oero but without the transfats. Their Candy Cane Trader Jo Joe's are AWESOME.



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