Thursday, August 19, 2010

Celebrities and plastic surgery: Is it cheating?

psThere’s a lot of debate going around over steroid use in Major League Baseball and other professional sports.  Not so much a scandal when it comes to football, but I won’t go there at this time.  I agree that it’s cheating to use performance enhancing drugs.  Weren’t these boys taught to play fair in elementary school?  Well, apparently with fame and fortune, integrity goes by the wayside and greed takes its place.joan

The plastic surgery epidemic is another thing that seems to be getting out of control.  One look at Heidi Montag or Joan Rivers will tell you that.  And have you seen the lips on Jennifer Garner lately?  Carrot Top, Nickki Cox, Bruce Jenner--there are too many examples to list them all.  It’s troublesome to me to see these already beautiful men and women ruin their good looks with plastic surgery or enhancements.  What kind of message is this sending to our children? That it’s not okay to grow old?  That our looks are the most important thing about us?  That we just have to be just perfect, or no one will love us?

jenAnyone can look like a barbie doll if we all went under the knife.  If that’s what you want to look like.  Whether it’s smoothing your cellulite or removing that bump in your nose, it’s tempting.  I understand the whole aspect of wanting to feel good about yourself and to feel more confident in your daily life.  Believe me, I have a laundry list of things I don’t like about my body.  Don’t we all?

Personally, I am not opposed to small change here and there as long as it’s not overdone. And there are celebs that have done just that.  Jennifer Aniston, for instance.  She didn’t look like a totally different person afterwards.  But there’s just something about having this type of surgery done.  You’re actually cutting into skin and changing the structure of your body for the purpose of vanity.  It just seems so unnatural, to me, and I’m skeeved by it. 

But here is the larger question:

Is it fair for models and celebrities to continuously change what God gave ‘em to boost their careers? 

Are they cheating like Mark McGwire, or are they just selling out?

What do you think?


  1. I have to be honest. I was always pretty against plastic surgery... until I breastfed for 2 years. Now I definitely have thoughts of getting a boob job but I would NEVER have anything surgically done to my face...ever!

  2. I'm going to be honest too! If I could afford it, I'd probably have a little work done. (Liposuction, microdermabrasion)

    I agree that some celebrities go way overboard and end up looking freakish. I'm thinking about some of the "stars" who've been on Dancing With The Stars lately--Priscilla Presley, Wayne Newton, even Buzz Aldrin! (and his wife...goodness!)

  3. Well, they're the ones who have to live with it when it starts looking like drap later and it ALWAYS does. Once you cut and pull and twist and drag skin, it just doesn't age naturally.

  4. I'll be honest, in that I'd LOVE to have a tummy tuck...after five pregnancies...

    But, when it comes to actors and plastic surgery--yes it is over done, yet usually helps enhance and expand their careers. However it is NOT illegal like it is in professional sport. In that, I do see a difference.

  5. I could care less what the celebrities are doing, however I do think that a lot of them get unnecessary surgery b/c they are already beautiful and after the surgery they sometimes look a little funny or fake.

    OH and I LOVE the new look of your blog!!!! :)

  6. I will agree with Mandee - I could care less about what celebrities are doing - but to be honest - I am saving to have some work done myself...I want to fix what my children broke. :)

  7. I don't think it's cheating, but I don't think they're doing themselves any favors in the long-run. I have never seen plastic surgery that doesn't LOOK like plastic surgery as the patient grows older. What's so bad about aging? We're a youth-obsessed society!



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