Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Kate Does (LOST Recap)


Just when last night's LOST episode was getting interesting, the power went out. I was DYING. I was going berserk until the power came back on at 8:30am. That's 11 hours of suspense, folks!

I love to watch the enhanced recap before the new show. There are always little tidbits of information that you forget, which is also why I love this show so much - because it makes you think.

Due to the power outage, I had to re-watch the episode this morning.  I usually like to do this anyway after I've had some time to process what happens.

Here are some things we found out about the alternate timeline:  
  • Kate escaped from the airport and that nasty Fed.
  • She and Claire are now connected in this new timeline, as Kate took her to the hospital and stayed by her side.  Interesting, because she helped Claire give birth on the island post-plane crash.
  • Claire still wants to name her baby Aaron.  It looks like she may decide to keep him now that the adoptive parents broke up and are no longer interested in the adoption.
  • Creepy Ethan is a Doctor in L.A.  His face was made to frighten.

And back on island time:
  • Sayid is alive, albeit "infected" and his body "claimed" according to the Temple people after they've tortured him as a "test".  He failed, though they lied to him saying he passed.
  • The Temple leader tells Jack that Sayid must take a pill to keep the infection from spreading as it has with Jack's sister (Claire).
  • The Temple leader plays on Jack's guilt and tell him that making Sayid take the pill will redeem him.  It's in Jack's hands.  Sayid will take the pill if Jack tells him to.
  • Sawyer escaped the temple.  It's important to the temple folks that he return.  Kate and Jin go after them along with two temple people.  One of them was Kate's prison guard.  After she takes care of them, Kate tells Jin to get Lost when she goes after Sawyer, again.  Poor Jin, he was just trying to help out.
  • Sawyer was going to propose to Juliet.  It broke my heart seeing him cry again - I miss Juliet.  When Kate finds out she cries, and I'm not sure if it's for Juliet or herself because Sawyer is over her.
  • Claire is alive!  She looks much like the French woman, Rousseau.
I really wish the temple people would stop beating around the bush and just come out with it.  Share some information.  I questioned throughout this episode whether they're 'good guys' or 'bad guys'.  I'm inclined to believe they're good, since Jacob sent Hurley there to save Sayid.

Favorite quotes:
  • "You're not a zombie right?" - Hurley to Sayid
  • "We'll be in the food court if you need us" -Miles
The preview for next week shows Sawyer interacting with smoke monster Locke.  Uh oh.

If you have a LOST post on your blog, paste your link into a comment below so that I can read it!

1 comment:

  1. We love Lost too. I can't wait to watch the new episodes.



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